Private health insurance and member opportunities

PACFA is constantly negotiating exclusive arrangements for our members with key organisations in the mental health industry as part of our advocacy for recognition of the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

These arrangements provide exciting opportunities for our members, including employment, referrals, and professional development. 

Information about eligibility criteria and how to apply differs for each organisation.

Private Health Rebates

PACFA has negotiated recognition of our members with several of Australia's largest private health funds, allowing eligible members to provide rebates to their clients with appropriate cover.

Employee Assistance Programs

10+ Employee Assistance Programmes accept eligible PACFA members as providers, with this number continuing to grow with our continued advocacy.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS accepts eligible PACFA members as providers.

State-based work related injury bodies

Work-related injury bodies in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland are now registering eligible PACFA members. We continue our ongoing advocacy for recognition in other states and territories.

Trauma Support Directory

The Trauma Support Directory, developed with funding from the Australian government, is a national register of mental health professionals with the qualifications, skills and experience to provide complex trauma services for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

Victim Services NSW

Victims Services is a government agency and is part of the NSW Department of Justice. Victims Services provide counselling to victims of crime and their families, and friends of missing people. 

Marathon Health

Marathon Health is a not-for-profit, registered charity with a vision of enabling communities to thrive through improved health and wellbeing. Marathon Health offer PACFA members employment opportunities in their centres and with Headspace, as well as contracting referral opportunities and professional development.

Malvern Private Hospital

Malvern Private Hospital employ PACFA members as casual and permanent part-time clinicians, and run a referral database for out-patients. They also offer exclusive professional development, which is advertised directly to our members via email.


After our continued advocacy, in September 2021 headspace sent information about PACFA members to all of their centres in Australia, advising that counsellors and psychotherapists who have met the certain training requirements can be considered for employment as a headspace clinician.

Mental Health Professionals' Network

PACFA and the MHPN have signed a memorandum of understanding so that our members can access networking and professional development events.

Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders

Members providing treatment for people experiencing eating disorders, in both public and private settings, are eligible to apply for the ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential. 

Australian Patients Association

The Australian Patients Association (APA) provides a helpline utilised by hundreds of people each week. The APA refers callers looking for mental health support to the PACFA Find a Therapist directory. Every practising PACFA member is automatically included in this referral process, and no further application is required.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue provides information and support for anxiety, depression and suicide prevention in Australia. Beyond Blue has added counsellors and psychotherapists to its ‘Find a professional’ national directories page, linking directly to the Australian Register for Counsellors and Psychotherapists search directory. Every practising PACFA member is automatically included, and no further application is required.

The Professional Development People (PDP)

PACFA has negotiated a 20% discount for our members fon all professional development offered by PDP. Find your member-exclusive discount code.