Review and update your member details

01 February 2024

PACFA's Find a Therapist directory serves as a trusted resource for Australians seeking counsellors or psychotherapists based on specific criteria such as location and therapy type.

Australians looking for your services may refer to your name on our directory or the independent Australian Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists to confirm your status as a PACFA-registered professional. (only PACFA-registered counsellors and psychotherapists are featured in our search directory).

To boost your professional visibility, we recommend updating your 'therapist details' on the member portal page of the PACFA website. This includes providing essential information such as your practice phone number, email, website and comprehensive details regarding your specialisation and practice modalities.

The PACFA directory employs a meticulous cross-referencing system in conjunction with Google Maps to facilitate streamlined searches for therapists within specific geographic locations.

For detailed instructions on the profile update process, please consult the Help your new clients find you – update your “Therapist details” section on the PACFA website.