Registration and membership renewal 2024 opens June 3

Registration and Membership Renewal Period

PACFA registration and membership expires on June 30 each year. All members and registrants must renew annually between June and July. Renewals completed between August 1 and September 30 incur full fees plus a $60 late fee.

Renewal Requirements for Clinical and Certified Practising Registrants 

Clinical and Certified Practising registrants must annually demonstrate they have met the Five Renewal Requirements for PACFA Registration 2024. This includes uploading evidence of current PI Insurance, a National Police Check, and a Working with Children’s Check (if applicable).

Pro-Rata Exemption for New Registrants 

Registrants who joined PACFA on or after August 1, 2023, are eligible for a pro-rata exemption. This exemption is automatically applied to CPD and Supervision Logs. To be eligible to renew, you only need to meet your specific CPD and Supervision hours requirements.

Retroactive Leave Application

Registrants who were not working part of the 2023/2024 Registration Year and lack sufficient CPD and Supervision hours can apply for retroactive leave using the Leave of Absence form.

Hardship Policy

Registrants who faced challenges (such as financial hardship or due to natural disasters) are encouraged to review our Hardship Policy.

Insurance Renewal

Registrants with a current insurance policy from will renew their policy online this year through the PACFA page on the website. Further instructions will be provided directly by


For any further questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions – Registration Renewals 2024 page.