Scope of Practice

Scope of practice is the area of the profession in which a counsellor has the knowledge, skills and experience to practise competently, safely, and lawfully, in a way that meets standards and does not pose any danger to the public or to themselves.

PACFA recognises that a counsellor’s scope of practice will change over time and that the practice of experienced counsellors often becomes more focused and specialised than that of newly qualified counsellors. This might be because of specialisation in a certain area or with a particular client group, or movement into roles in management, education, or research. (Adapted from the Health and Care Professions Council UK, 2014).

The scope of practice for PACFA-registered counsellors takes into consideration three elements: competent practice, safe practice, and regulated practice.

Download the PACFA Scope of Practice for Registered Counsellors 2018