Leave Of Absence

Leave of absence from registration with PACFA is available where practitioners cease practising as a counsellor or psychotherapist for a limited period of time.

Leave of absence will only be granted where a valid reason is provided, such as going on parental or study leave, compassionate circumstances, extended travel, or serious illness. Leave will not be granted in situations where a member is seeking to avoid their obligations to meet the annual requirements for professional development and supervision. Members on leave are considered 'non-practising' and are not covered by PACFA insurance/may not be otherwise insured.

While on leave, the Registrant is not required to meet the Register renewal requirements. However, you are expected to have undertaken the required supervision and professional development for the part of the year before you commenced leave.

If you have been non-practising for a period of time in the renewal year, you are able to submit a Leave of Absence application for retroactive leave. Once approved, your renewal requirements will pro rata accordingly.

The Registrant’s name will still appear on the Register but their contact details will not display and their registration status will be listed as “on leave”.

Apply for Leave of Absence


Download the  Leave of absence Policy

There is an Application fee of $65 (inc. GST). The fee covers administration costs for applying to go on leave and reactivating your registration when you return from leave.

Returning from Leave of Absence

To Return from Leave of Absence complete the below Application form and provide the following

  1. Evidence of current and adequate Indemnity Insurance 
  2. Evidence of Nationally Co-ordinated Criminal History Check obtained within the last two years
  3. Evidence of Working with Children Clearance(if applicable)
  4. Evidence of Current Member Association Membership(if applicable)

 Application to Return from Leave of Absence

 Subsequent Membership Renewal

At the next renewal period after you return from leave, you will be required to provide evidence that you have met the supervision and professional development for renewal purposes.

This could be made up as follows:

  1. Evidence that you met the requirements in full in the 12 month period immediately prior to renewal; or
  2. Evidence that you partly completed the renewal requirements prior to going on leave, and that you have completed the balance of the renewal requirements since returning from leave. For example, if you went on leave 6 months into the renewal period, approximately half the required supervision and Professional Development should have been completed prior to going on leave and the other half since returning from leave.