Thank you to those who attended PACFA's 2022 conference, an online collaborative festival of ideas from 14-18 November, with the overarching theme Safety through Diversity. 

Festival dates and topics:

Day 1, Monday November 14: Indigenous Healing Practices 

Day 2, Tuesday November 15: Diversity in Gender, Body, Kinship & Sexuality  

Day 3, Wednesday November 16: Psychotherapy, Counselling and the Politics of Mental Health 

Day 4, Thursday November 17: Research and the Future of the Profession 

Day 5, Friday November 18: Wrap up - Bringing it all together towards the future 

Attendees to the conference can accrue up to 6.5 Category A CPD hours per day. CPD hours will be accrued based on the participant’s time attending the conference on the Zoom platform (excluding breaks). Practising PACFA members can log their CPD hours via the Member Portal. 

PACFA members can login to access the conference recordings for Days 1, 3, 4 and 5. The recordings for Day 2 sessions are not available for privacy reasons.

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