Update on PACFA Communities

21 March 2024

It's been an exhilarating month since the launch of our dedicated Applying for Registration Forum on the PACFA Community platform. We're thrilled to report that the forum has been a resounding success, providing a vibrant space for both new and experienced members to engage, share knowledge, and find support.

In this short time, the forum has become a hub of activity, buzzing with insightful questions and thoughtful responses. Here's a glimpse into some of the engaging discussions that have captured our community's interest:

Highlights from the PACFA Community Discussions

  • Navigating the new landscape: A common query has been understanding the distinction between applying as a New Graduate versus a Certified Practising Registrant. This vital discussion helps clarify the paths available to our members and supports our new graduates in taking confident first steps into their professional journey.
  • Eligibility unwrapped: Another hot topic has been the eligibility criteria for becoming a Certified Practising Member. It's been inspiring to see our community come together to demystify the criteria, ensuring all members feel supported and informed as they pursue or maintain their registration.
  • Tech savvy support: Members have also been keen to learn where to find their Digest Settings on the platform, enhancing their ability to stay up to date with the latest discussions relevant to their interests and career stage.

Engaging Queries from Our Members

  • Inclusive education: One thoughtful question asked if a Bachelor of Arts Therapy through IKON Institute qualifies for eligibility. This highlights our community's diverse educational backgrounds and our commitment to inclusivity.
  • CPD categories explored: The debate between Category A (CPD) and Category B (CPD) sparked interest, showcasing our members' dedication to continuous professional development.
  • Support beyond qualifications: Questions about EAPs available to new graduates and the possibility of registration before graduation ceremonies reflect the practical concerns and aspirations of our emerging professionals.

The success of the Applying for Registration Forum underscores the vibrant and supportive community on which PACFA prides itself. PACFA is committed to fostering a space where every voice is heard, every question is valued, and every member can find the support they need at every stage of their professional journey.

We encourage all our members to continue participating, asking questions, and sharing their experiences. Together, we're not just building a community; we're shaping the future of counselling and psychotherapy in Australia.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making the Applying for Registration Forum a thriving resource. Your engagement and support make all the difference. We look forward to seeing this platform grow and evolve with your continued participation.

Please note that this group is specific to PACFA Student Members. Student members are automatically part of the 'Applying for Registration' community, offering tailored discussions, registration resources, a question board, and exclusive announcements.

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