PACFA embarks on Competency project to set baseline for counselling registration

15 March 2024

As part of our commitment to NASRHP and to leading the sector, we have commenced the drafting of competencies for registration in counselling. These competencies underpin our registration, ensure we meet sector expectations, perform our roles admirably, and also provide the organisation with the capacity to establish a new Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway at the appropriate time.

An experienced counsellor has been appointed to work on this project for us. Additionally, a formal consultation process with the PACFA membership will be undertaken. It is anticipated that an update on this will be provided at the next PACFA Council meeting in May 2024.

PACFA aims to have completed the project by the end of 2024 as part of the organisation’s move from qualifying membership to full membership with NASRHP at the end of the year.

NASRHP aims to provide regulatory quality assurance for self-regulatory health professions. Full members include Dieticians Australia, Audiology Australia and Speech Pathology Australia, whilst Australian Association of Social Workers and Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australasia are qualifying members. Members must meet a national framework of regulatory standards.

NASRHP qualifying membership follows PACFA’s successful application in 2022 to become a full member of the Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). PACFA has two years to achieve full membership of NASRHP, which will include publication of a range of resources for registration and practice.

Opportunities for consultation will be shared in PACFA’s eNews. For further information about this project, please contact Rachel Friebel at [email protected]