CPD webinar: Physical activity and mental health - guidance from Dr Rhiannon White

15 March 2024

Unlock the potential of physical activity in mental health

In recent years, physical activity has emerged as a key component in promoting mental wellbeing. However, the challenge of incorporating tailored physical activity advice into mental health practices remains.

Our upcoming webinar seeks to address this gap by sharing valuable research findings from Dr Rhiannon White's extensive study on the impact of various physical activities in different environments on mental health outcomes.

Rhiannon, a Lecturer in Health and Physical Education at Western Sydney University, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this webinar. With a background in Health Science and a PhD focusing on the nexus between physical activity domains and mental health, Rhiannon’s expertise is invaluable to mental health practitioners seeking to leverage physical activity in their practice.

Engage in 90 minutes of prerequisite recorded webinar delivered by Rhiannon followed by a 60 minute live Q&A session with Rhiannon.

A commitment to the Equally Well project

We are proud to highlight PACFA's dedication to the Equally Well project, aimed at improving the physical health of individuals living with mental illness. Rhiannon’s contributions and research are a testament to our shared mission of fostering holistic health approaches within our community.

For more information about how the National Mental Health Commission has led the development of Equally Well in Australia to show a commitment to putting the health care of people living with mental illness and the rest of the population on an equal footing, please visit the Equally Well website, read this report, or view this video.

Event highlights

  • Comprehensive analysis
    • Rhiannon’s research, involving over 1,000 physical activity recounts, reveals how specific activities can lead to distinct mental health benefits, providing insights into the most effective recommendations for individual clients.
  • Practical application
    • Attendees will gain confidence in offering detailed, personalised physical activity guidance, enhancing client wellbeing.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your toolkit and make a lasting impact on the mental health of those you serve.

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