2024 Program accreditation standards review: first round public consultation now open

07 March 2024

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) has recently commenced its review of the PACFA Training Standards, 2022 used for accrediting counselling and psychotherapy programs of study. This key review seeks to ensure the program accreditation standards are robust, reflecting contemporary educational practices and the evolving needs of the profession.

Clarification on the review's focus

This review pertains only to the standards used to assess programs of study for accreditation by PACFA, rather than the Registration Standards to assesses individuals for PACFA registration and membership. It is an essential distinction, emphasising our commitment to high-quality accreditation in the counselling and psychotherapy profession.

Have your say

PACFA invites all stakeholders, including educators, practitioners, students, government, allied health self regulatory bodies and interested parties, to engage in the first round of public consultation. Your insights are invaluable to this process.

Essential pre-reading before you contribute

To inform your feedback meaningfully, please review the following documents:

  • Background paper on the review: Provides an overview of the review's objectives and context. Read here.
  • Current PACFA Training Standards, 2022: Familiarise yourself with the standards under review. Review here.

How to participate

The deadline for submitting your feedback is COB Monday 25 March 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the refinement and development of the program accreditation standards.

Why your feedback matters

Your input during this phase is critical. It will inform the next stages of the review, leading to the development of a draft version of the revised standards. Following this, a second consultation phase will provide another chance for you to review and comment on the draft program accreditation standards.

Stay informed

PACFA is committed to transparency throughout this review process. We will not publish individual responses but may share a summary of the feedback received, ensuring confidentiality.

For any questions or more information about the consultation phase or the review process, please contact Nghi Robinson, Head of Education, at [email protected].

Thank you for contributing to the continuous improvement of psychotherapy and counselling education standards in Australia.We look forward to your active participation in shaping the program accreditation standards that define the quality and future of counselling and psychotherapy training and education in Australia.