Five things you need to renew your PACFA registration 2024/2025

13 February 2024

There are five things every PACFA member needs to be ready for renewal on May 1…

1. Annual CPD Requirements

  • You need a minimum of 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annually. Ten hours are mandatory (Category A), and the other ten are optional (Category B).
  • (In previous years, a grace period for CPD was extended for those affected by Covid-related events. This year, there will be no grace period).

2. Annual Supervision Requirements

3. Insurance

4. Criminal History Check

5. Working with Children Check

CPD and Supervision Pro-rate Exemption table for new members

If you joined PACFA for the first time during the membership year, you have a pro-rata exemption for some of the standard required CPD and supervision hours, based on the month you joined. Information about how to calculate the exemption hours is below. The exemption will be automatically applied based on your join date and you are required to enter only the pro-rata hours. 

For new members, there's a pro-rata exemption for CPD and supervision hours based on when you joined during the year.

 Month joined   CPD exemption (hours)   Supervision exemption (hours) 
 August 2 1
 September 3 2
 October 5 3
 November 7 3
 December 8 4
 January 10 5
 February 12 6
 March 13 7
 April 15 8
 May 17 8


We want all our members to keep enjoying the benefits of PACFA. Remember, our membership team is here to help you through the renewal process.