Support injured workers through their rehabilitation

01 March 2023

Clinical Victorian PACFA members who hold a Bachelor or Master’s degree in counselling are encouraged to join the growing list of counsellors who are providing services to injured workers.

WorkSafe Victoria’s Mental Health Strategy has shown that the proportion of mental injury claims has grown in the last 10 years and will grow even more in the next 10.

In the workplace health and safety regulator’s counselling policy, counsellors are described as ‘skilled healthcare professionals who provide psychological interventions that support a worker's journey through rehabilitation, recovery and return to work.’

Registration to provide counselling services to injured workers will be valid for three years from the registration date. The counsellor must provide evidence of PACFA Clinical membership to continue their registration every three years.

Visit PACFA’s work-related injury schemes page for further information, or apply directly at the WorkSafe webpage: Application for registration to provide services to workers.