Share a day in your life for the newly-introduced ‘A Day in the Life’ series

12 July 2023

PACFA is launching a new addition to our monthly eNews: ‘A Day in the Life.’ Each month, the series will offer participating members the opportunity to share their unique personal and professional experience as dedicated Practising & Registered Clinical Counsellors and Registered Clinical Psychotherapists who embody the art and science of holding space for others.

This series is created and edited by PACFA Registered Clinical Psychotherapist and founder of The Psychosynthesis Centre, Jodie Gale.

Each month’s eNews will feature one of PACFA’s highly-qualified allied health practitioners as they share insights from diverse settings, each weaving threads of healing in their own unique way.

Whether it be in private practice; providing a safe haven where individuals can explore the depths of their inner landscapes or through employment in schools, health centres, rehabs or volunteer work – PACFA’s counsellors and psychotherapists accompany and extend their care to those young and old, from all walks of life, on their journey of recovery and self-discovery.

We hope that you will join us for our new series which will open the door and shine the light on the day-to-day lives of our remarkable counsellors and psychotherapists.

If you would like to be featured, please email Jodie at [email protected] for the writing guidelines.