Quality control steps have been introduced to meet NASRHP requirements 

09 November 2023

As part of meeting PACFA's commitment to quality control for registration as outlined in the National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP), we have introduced a new audit policy.

All registrants will participate in an audit process once every three years. The auditing process ensures that membership and registration renewal is completed correctly. 

In January 2024, randomly selected members will be notified by email that an audit of their registration is taking place. Thirty-three percent (33%) of PACFA’s registrants who have renewed this year will be selected randomly for the audit. If you have been notified by email about an audit, you will have three weeks to submit the required documentation to the PACFA office.

Documents audited

For renewal of PACFA registration, registrants are required to comply with the PACFA renewal requirements as set out in the following standards:

  • Criminal History:

    • Evidence for audit purposes includes a current National Police Check issued on or after 1 May 2021, and a Working With Children Check (if applicable)

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance:

    • Evidence for audit purposes includes a Certificate of Currency, and/or a letter from the registrant’s employer stating that the registrant is covered by the employer’s insurance.

  • Client Contact and Supervision Records:

    • Evidence for audit purposes includes the registrant’s client and supervision logs which have been signed by their supervisor or a letter from the supervisor.

  • Continuing Professional Development:

    • Acceptable evidence for Category A activities is attendance certificates or payment receipts which clearly state the name of the course, the attendee and the hours undertaken. For each Category B activity logged, a reflective review of approximately 150 words is to be written and kept as evidence.

  • Ethical Conduct: 

    • As outlined in the Ethical Conduct Standard, registrants need to provide information and documents about any ethical conduct issues that have arisen during the period being audited.

  • Member Association membership records (if applicable)

Registrants who complete the audit successfully will be formally notified that the audit was successful. However, registrants who do not provide documentation by the due date, or who provide documentation that is unsatisfactory or incomplete, will be given a final notice to provide the required documentation within a further three weeks.

If the registrant fails to submit within the time frame of the final notice, their registration will be suspended and the registrant will be advised accordingly.

Right of appeal

Registrants who are suspended from the register due to an unsuccessful audit outcome have the right of appeal. For more information, please see PACFA’s Audit Policy.

For more information on the relevant Registration standards, please visit the Registration standards page.