PACJA’s new home makes research easy

01 March 2023

PACFA’s online peer-reviewed journal, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA) is now hosted on the Scholastica platform and has a new look and feel.

PACJA articles can be downloaded and are searchable using keywords and type of article (e.g. literature reviews, book reviews). Authors will find it easier to upload their manuscripts and to track the progress of their manuscript through the peer review process. The experience for peer reviewers will also be simpler on the Scholastica platform.

In other improvements to PACJA, articles will have DOIs (a digital identifier that links the article to its location) and will be indexed. PACJA readers can now search for articles using keywords or types of article (e.g. literature reviews, book reviews, editorials).

If you would like to contribute a manuscript, such as a research article, case study or book review, please see the submissions page for guidelines and to submit a deidentified manuscript.

To accompany articles, original artwork or images, for which you hold copyright, are also welcome.

For queries about submitting to PACJA, please contact Editor Jane Marsden at [email protected]

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