PACFA upgrades International Association for Counselling membership

6 March 2023

PACFA has upgraded to Level 2 membership of the International Association for Counselling, ensuring direct international representation of our members on global counselling issues.

The global voice for counselling, the IAC is a non-government organisation with UN consultative status membership.

As a Level 2 organisational member, PACFA will:

  • be involved in direct advocacy consultation and support on progressing recognition of counselling in Australia.

  • be consulted on IAC policy and position documents submitted to intergovernmental bodies (e.g., United Nations or European Union)

  • hold a representative position on the IAC Regional Board (IAC Asia-Pacific).

Since 1966, the IAC has worked to advance counselling through practice, education, research and advocacy initiatives.

Being a Level 2 member of the IAC elevates the standing of every PACFA member and allows PACFA to play a part in the ongoing efforts to integrate counselling policy, expertise and excellence worldwide.

Visit the IAC website.