PACFA and the CCAA

13 September 2023

PACFA has signed an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA), to recognise and appreciate the CCAA as a long-standing member organisation of PACFA.

PACFA greatly values the members of the CCAA and deeply appreciates the support by the CCAA of PACFA’s high-quality registration standards. This arrangement allows for greater efficiencies in the application process, as well as the management of renewals.

CCAA members whose training meets PACFA basic training standards are eligible to join PACFA as individual members through a specific membership pathway —Member Association Member (MAM)—reserved for registered members of member associations. This option is available to CCAA Provisional and Clinical members whose training meets PACFA training standards.

To join PACFA as a Member Association Member, please follow this link.

Goals and objectives of this MOU are for the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia and PACFA to work jointly to achieve positive mental health outcomes for the Australian community through collaboration, education and promotion on the clinical practice of counsellors and psychotherapists, recognising this group includes many Christian counsellors.

The MOU solidifies PACFA and the CCAA’s intention of working together to encourage greater utilisation of counsellors and psychotherapists in the Australian mental health workforce. It also encourages PACFA members and registrants to participate in Professional Development opportunities as facilitated by Christian Counsellors Association of Australia, and similarly encourages CCAA members to participate in PACFA’s Professional Development opportunities.

PACFA’s Member Associations are organisational members of PACFA that are professional associations within the counselling and psychotherapy profession. These professional associations have developed to support and represent members practising specific types of counselling and psychotherapy.

Currently there are eight PACFA Member Associations. PACFA encourages Professional Associations in the counselling and psychotherapy field to join as a Member Association. For more information, please click here.