PACFA Board Member joins ‘Directors for the Voice’ campaign

12 September 2023

Bianca Stawiarski, a member of PACFA’s Board and co-convenor of The College of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices (CATSIHP), was among the original 460 ‘Directors for the Voice,’ a group of leaders from various Australian backgrounds who joined together to endorse 'The Voice to Parliament.'

Launched on 28 August, the ‘Directors for the Voice’ campaign comprised full page advertisements in the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, metropolitan mastheads and on social media. It is being amplified through editorials, interviews, op-eds and a LinkedIn campaign.

‘Directors for the Voice,’ as originally reported in The Australian, has galvanized commitment to driving change in Australia. The number of endorsements continues to rise; there are now officially over 1,200 participants in the ‘Directors for the Voice.’

The Significance of 'The Voice to Parliament'

'The Voice to Parliament' aims to create a constitutionally enshrined body guiding the Australian Parliament on Indigenous matters; the endorsement of the signatories raises the volume on the call for change and recognition. For a deeper understanding of this initiative and Indigenous rights in Australia, visit the Australian Human Rights Commission's website.

PACFA values inclusivity and unity and applauds individuals like Bianca Stawiarski who exemplify the potential of diverse voices to shape the future of Australia.