PACFA a qualifying member of National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions

24 January 2023

PACFA’s focus on safety and quality for the counselling and psychotherapy profession has been rewarded with qualifying membership of the National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP).

NASRHP aims to provide regulatory quality assurance for self-regulatory health professions. Full members include Dieticians Australia, Audiology Australia and Speech Pathology Australia, whilst Australian Association of Social Workers and Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australasia are qualifying members. Members must meet a national framework of regulatory standards.

NASRHP qualifying membership follows PACFA’s successful application in 2022 to become a full member of the Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). PACFA has two years to achieve full membership of NASRHP, which will include publication of a range of resources for registration and practice.

‘PACFA is listening to governments, clients and employers, who want a level of assurance around the safety and quality of services that counsellors and psychotherapists offer,’ CEO Johanna de Wever said.

‘We know that PACFA members have the highest level of training and experience of their profession, having satisfied our stringent Training Standards.

‘Full membership of Allied Health Professions Australia - and now, qualifying membership of NASRHP - is part of the process of cementing our members’ reputation for safety and quality.’

PACFA members who would like to contribute to the Working Group establishing documents for this project should email [email protected].