College of Creative and Experiential Therapies (CCET) Membership: Countdown to Launch

14 November 2023

The College of Creative and Experiential Therapies (C.CET) membership is set to launch this December. This development marks an important milestone for those seeking to join this vibrant community dedicated to advancing therapeutic approaches and fostering innovation within the field.

The CCET Leadership Group has diligently crafted membership criteria, which are now available for review in this downloadable PDF. These criteria serve as a guiding framework for individuals interested in becoming part of this community.

In December, additional resources will be available on the CCET page to support individuals through the membership application process. These resources, including the Application Guide, Application Journey and Application FAQs, aim to provide comprehensive guidance for prospective applicants.

An essential and informative event is scheduled for 12 December: CCET's inaugural interactive information session. This session is designed to demystify the application process and offer insights into navigating the path to CCET membership.

During this session, attendees can expect a walkthrough of the capabilities matrix, highlighting examples of how to provide evidence for these capabilities. The CCET qualifications and training weighting table will also be discussed, helping applicants understand how to present the required '100 points' in their membership application.

Additionally, the session will feature fictional yet informative examples of complete membership applications from diverse applicants. These examples will showcase the various pathways through which C.CET members can accumulate necessary capabilities, qualifications, training, and experience.

This information session serves as an important opportunity for those interested in applying for CCET membership to gain a deeper understanding of the requirements and process.