Complimentary CPD for PACFA leadership volunteers

07 June, 2023

Effective 1 July 2023, PACFA will offer its Board, Committee and Leadership Group members (PACFA leadership volunteers) complimentary access to PACFA community online CPD events. The aim of the new policy is to support PACFA leadership volunteers in maintaining and advancing their professional skills and knowledge while recognising their ongoing dedication to PACFA. All eligible PACFA leadership volunteers will be granted complimentary access to up to ten PACFA community CPD webinars per year for the purpose of professional development.

To be eligible for complimentary access to online CPD events delivered by PACFA, PACFA leadership volunteers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Actively volunteering: PACFA leadership volunteers must have been actively involved in volunteering for a minimum of six months and/or completed six months of their appointed three-year term.

  2. Committee involvement recorded: PACFA leadership volunteers must ensure that their involvement is accurately updated in the member portal and listed within their member profile.

  3. Listing on the PACFA website for committee involvement: PACFA leadership volunteers' involvement should be publicly listed on the PACFA website to ensure transparency and recognition of their ongoing involvement and contributions.

PACFA Board, Committee and Leadership Group members are esteemed volunteers; they have made, and continue to make, tireless efforts in support of PACFA and the counselling, Indigenous Healing Practices and psychotherapy profession. This new initiative is offered to acknowledge these valuable contributions and to foster their professional growth.

To learn more, read the downloadable document: Policy for complimentary access to online continuing professional development for PACFA leadership volunteers.