Closer ties with the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC)

14 November 2023

A recent meeting between PACFA's CEO Johanna de Wever and Craig Wallace, the CEO of the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) has marked an important step in the collaborative relationship between the two organisations. Their discussion highlighted the potential for aligning efforts between PACFA and VMIAC in mental health advocacy.

VMIAC is a consumer-led organisation in Victoria that prioritises the rights and needs of individuals dealing with mental health issues, and offers support, education, and advocacy.

For PACFA members, VMIAC's emphasis on incorporating lived-experience perspectives in mental health policymaking is valuable. By recognising and integrating the insights of those with lived experiences, VMIAC aims to enhance understanding and promote client-centred approaches, fostering more effective and empathetic mental health practices in counselling and psychotherapy.

A closer working relationship between PACFA and VMIAC reflects a dedication to encourage client perspectives in mental health support systems. PACFA and VMIAC’s shared goal is to bridge the gap between clinical practices and the real-life experiences of those grappling with mental health challenges, ultimately reshaping the foundations of mental health support towards a more inclusive and empathetic approach.

Download the VMIAC declaration here (PDF).

To learn more about VMIAC, visit their website here.