CCET Membership Applications Open

PACFA’s College of Creative and Experiential Therapies (CCET) is welcoming membership applications. This announcement was made at an information session hosted by the CCET Leadership Group during their end-of-year event in December 2023.

At the end-of-year event, the Leadership Group of CCET presented several key areas integral to the upcoming application process. 

The Leadership Group also presented a deep-dive into the requirements and process of CCET membership applications, as well as insight into navigating the capabilities matrix and the qualification/training matrix.

Throughout the session, attendees were provided with examples which offered a clear understanding of the Membership Assessment Panel (MAP)’s application assessment process. Additionally, the session included detailed instructions on how to complete the application form and offered advice to ensure a seamless submission process.

PACFA’s CCET page is being updated to include essential documents designed to support CCET applicants. These documents include:

  • CCET's Membership Statement and Criteria: these provide an in-depth exploration of the expectations and qualifications required for CCET membership
  • The Application Journey: this serves as a step-by-step guide, ensuring transparency and clarity for prospective applicants
  • Application FAQs: this addresses common uncertainties, providing clarity and reassurance
  • The application form: a downloadable version of the application form will be made available on the CCET page to streamline the application process
  • Comprehensive application instructions.

The CCET Leadership Group has announced plans to record an online information session in the new year offering additional insights and clarification to potential applicants.

These initiatives underscore CCET's commitment to fostering a supportive and accessible application process for PACFA members. As we anticipate the opening of membership applications, we extend our gratitude to CCET’s leadership for all their hard work and for enriching the PACFA professional community it represents.