10-year National Mental Health Workforce Strategy published

09 November 2023

The newly-introduced 10-year National Mental Health Workforce Strategy aims to bolster Australia's mental health services, addressing disparities in availability and ensuring equitable access to care for all Australians.

The strategy outlines comprehensive measures to attract, train, support and retain a diverse mental health workforce. It emphasises the expansion of the rural and remote workforce and increasing representation of priority populations.

The government has allocated $91.3 million to alleviate professional training bottlenecks and $17.8 million to enhance mental health skills among healthcare professionals.

These initiatives hold significant relevance for PACFA, as they align with our commitment to delivering high-quality mental health care. A well-prepared workforce is pivotal for comprehensive mental health reform, mitigating supply constraints, and promoting equitable service distribution.

This strategy lays the foundation for long-term reform, enabling PACFA members to better serve their clients and the wider community.

Read the complete 10-year National Mental Health Workforce Strategy 2022–2032 (PDF) here.