Share your expertise and contribute to research into counselling and psychotherapy 

5 July 2022

As part of our commitment to developing the evidence base for counselling and psychotherapy, PACFA supports academics to recruit counsellors and psychotherapists for their research. 

Five researchers are interested in hearing from PACFA members as part of their research projects. 

Please see our supporting research studies page for further details on each project, including eligibility criteria and how to contact the researchers. 

Mid-Career Counselling Professionals' Experience of Wisdom in Therapeutic Practice    

Monash University PhD candidate Jennifer Coburn is looking for members who have been practising counselling/psychotherapy for between 12 and 18 years (excluding breaks in practice). You are invited to participate in research on experiences of wisdom in therapeutic practice, in the form of a zoom interview and focus group. 

Counsellors’ perspectives of mindfulness meditation and its impact on therapeutic presence: a qualitative study 

University of Notre Dame Master of Counselling student Rachena Ek is exploring the attitudes of mental health providers who practice mindfulness meditation, to discover its impacts on their therapeutic presence in clinical settings. You are invited to participate in a zoom interview. 

The Impact of Workplace Stressors on Australian Mental Health Professionals  

Australian College of Applied Professions Honours student Eloisa Cullington is looking for mental health professionals to participate in research on workplace stressors. The research involves completing a short survey. 

Investigating the practice of counsellors and psychotherapists in Australia  

University of Notre Dame Master of Counselling student Jessica Jackson is looking for counsellors and psychotherapists with a minimum of two years post-qualification experience to attend an interview exploring your experience of the role, your thoughts on professional identity and how you see the future development of the profession.   

Exploring the professional practice and identity of humanistic person-centred trained counsellors and psychotherapists in Australia   

Western Sydney University PhD candidate Amanda Webb is looking for counsellors and psychotherapists who have undertaken training in a humanistic person-centred approach, as well as counselling educators, to participate in her research. This research will involve your participation in a semi-structured interview conducted online (using Zoom), lasting 60 to 90 minutes.  

See our supporting research studies page for more information.