PACFA counsellor member advocates for the profession in Australian Ageing Agenda 

04 November 2022

Caroline Romeo has drawn attention to the need for counsellors in aged care in an opinion piece for Australian Ageing Agenda magazine, a respected publication in aged care. Drawing on her experience as a counsellor and a convenor of PACFA’s Older People Interest Group, Caroline calls for recognition and integration of counsellors in the aged care sector.

In her article entitled ‘Counsellors offer vital support,’ Caroline defines what a counsellor is, how they support those with mental health issues and why they are needed in aged care.

‘We need counselling to be a recognised aged care service option,’ Caroline writes, ‘and we need increasing visibility of counsellors in aged care across all settings. The result will be an aged care population who could have a better experience of ageing.’

We applaud Caroline’s initiative in writing the article, and we support her message. Like counselling, we feel that advocacy by our members offers a pathway to change. As Caroline says in her article, ‘Sometimes it’s small but it’s the compounding effects that are important.’

Read a PDF of Caroline Romero’s article here.