International Men's Day

03 November 2022

International Men's Day (IMD) takes place on 19 November 2022. This year the event's organisers hope to draw attention to the positive impact of friendship for men's physical and mental health. 

Through various events, IMD puts a spotlight on positive male role models and raises awareness of men’s health and well being. The 2022 theme in Australia is ‘Celebrating Mateship'.

You can give a presentation on International Men's Day about mental health - download a Know Your Man Facts mental health toolkit.

The month of November is a significant month for raising awareness for men. Movember is a month-long campaign, raising money and awareness of men’s health.  

The International Men's Day website provides suggestions and ideas on how you can commemorate this day for men. Resources are available to help you adapt IMD into social media posts or to sponsor events of your own.