PACFA’s Collaborative Festival of Ideas – calling for ‘collaborators’

PACFA’s Conference Committee has introduced a new format for the 2022 event – a Collaborative Festival of Ideas based on the theme Safety Through Diversity - and has put out a call for ‘collaborators’. 

Held online over five days from 13-18 November 2022, the festival will bring diverse voices together in a sharing of perspectives.  Read the conference announcement for more information about the new format.

This year’s event aims to embrace Indigenous models of communication, collaboration and decision-making to support collaborators and participants to connect virtually and engage with one another in a series of deepening discussions on different themes each day, covering: 

  • Day 1: Indigenous Healing Practices 
  • Day 2: Diversity in Gender, Body, Kinship & Sexuality 
  • Day 3: The Politics of Mental Health 
  • Day 4: Research and the Future of the Profession 
  • Day 5: Wrap up - Bringing it all together towards the future 

Discussions will be held for approximately 6 hours per day commencing at 10am AEDT on Sunday November 13.  In view of the collaborative format, the traditional call for abstracts has been replaced with a call for collaborators; anyone with a perspective to share on any of the collaboration themes is encouraged to apply to be a collaborator by 30 May 2022

Applicants selected by PACFA’s Conference Committee will be invited to participate in a preliminary series of discussions in the lead up to the festival to formalise the final structure of their day – your day will be your collaboration.  

If selected as a collaborator, you will be invited to be present to lead and participate in the full day of discussions on your chosen theme. Discussions between you and your fellow collaborators will follow a ‘spiral’ or ‘fireside chat’ style of interaction, unpacking the emerging themes. You can expect that the discussion will grow to include any of the participants that wish to participate. 

Over the course of each day, participants will be supported to join the discussion to share their own knowledge, experience and unique perspective towards a more comprehensive understanding and, hopefully, a clear pathway forwards for PACFA and the professions we represent. 

Read more about becoming a collaborator. 

In support of disability and neurodiversity inclusion, running sheets, an overview of the preliminary discussion and other background materials will be sent to registered participants in advance. 

About our theme Safety through Diversity 

PACFA values the role of diversity and inclusion in creating safer, healthier, happier communities. 

Our members consist of counsellors, psychotherapists, Indigenous Healing Practitioners, relationship counsellors, expressive arts therapists, group therapists, researchers, academics, and students who all support mental health and wellbeing in an expansive variety of settings. 

Apply to be a collaborator in the Collaborative Festival of Ideas. 

Have questions about the Collaborative Festival of Ideas or being a collaborator? Please email Annie Chessells at [email protected]