PACFA’s members are:

  • Individual members who are practising psychotherapists or counsellors, educators in the counselling and psychotherapy field, students of counselling or psychotherapy and other individuals who wish to be affiliated with PACFA
  • Member Associations which are professional associations for psychotherapy and counselling that meet rigorous standards for professional training and ethical practice, together with their members
  • Affiliated Organisations which are a range of other organisations interested in maintain affiliation with PACFA

Individual PACFA Members

Individual practitioners, educators and students, and others wishing to be affiliated with PACFA as non-practising members,may apply to be individual members of PACFA.

Joining PACFA as an Individual Member

For eligible members, individual membership includes PACFA registration. For details of other membership benefits, see the Individual PACFA Membership page.

Member Associations

Member Associations are professional associations within the counselling and psychotherapy profession who are full voting members of PACFA. These professional associations have developed to support and represent members practising specific types of counselling and psychotherapy, or to support and represent members practising in particular geographic locations.

There are 9 PACFA Member Associations (MAs) incorporating a wide range of modalities within the fields of counselling and psychotherapy. This diversity contributes to PACFA's strength and credibility. PACFA has been able to unite professionals from this wide range and give them a voice and presence.

Each Member Association is entitled to send two delegates to PACFA Council meetings, which take place twice a year, and to vote on governance issues affecting PACFA. Representatives of Member Associations are also eligible to have representation on the PACFA Board of Management and to contribute to various projects, committees, reference groups and initiatives at PACFA.

Joining PACFA as a Member Association

Professional Associations interested in becoming a PACFA Member Association should view the information at the Join as a Member Association page.

Affiliated Organisations

Affiliated Organisations are non-voting organisational members PACFA. Affiliated Organisations wish to be affiliated with PACFA in order to access the following benefits:

1. Observer status at PACFA Council meetings
2. Member discounts for employees and volunteers
3. The opportunity to be affiliated with the leading body for the counselling and psychotherapy profession in Australia
4. The opportunity to support PACFA as the peak body for counselling and psychotherapy in Australia.

For more information on eligibility and member benefits, see the Affiliated Organisation Membership page.

Joining PACFA as an Affiliated Organisation

Organisations interested in becoming an Affiliated Organisation should view the information at the Affiliated Organisation Membership page.