Applying with a qualification from overseas

Potential applicants who have studied overseas can apply for PACFA membership, however the the process is slightly different, and can take longer.

To apply:

  1. Review the eligibility criteria ( listed below) to determine whether your course is likely to meet PACFA’s requirements.
  2. Apply to VETASSESS, the Australian government assessment authority, which determines where your qualification sits compared to an Australian qualification.
    There are two assessment options with VETASSESS, we recommend taking option 2: 'assessment of the comparative educational level of your qualification(s) against the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and PACFA Training Standards'.
  3. If your VETASSESS application is successful, submit your PACFA membership application, and include your outcome letter from VETASSESS. 


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your course must be equivalent to a Bachelor degree or higher;
  • Your study must have taken you 2 or more years (part or full-time study is accepted);
  • Within your course, there must be a minimum of 400 hours of learning (ie. lectures, tutorials, workshops) specifically in counselling/psychotherapy;
                  - of these 400 hours, 140 hours must be face-to-face and in person
  • Additionally, within the course there must be a placement with a minimum of 40 hours of client contact, and 10 hours of supervision attached to this client contact.