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Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice
Psychotherapy and Counselling: Reflections on Practice provides a balance of engaging and in-depth stories and case studies from the inside of therapy. Representing the key practice modality sections of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, the book explores examples from a range of therapeutic practices, grounded in the theoretical and evidence frameworks of the modality or approach and supported by clear and authoritative commentary. ... Details
EMDR: A Taster
PACFA SA Presents: EMDR: A Taster 5/6/21

This two-hour webinar will explore the beginnings of EMDR, and what it is (and isn’t). We will briefly review some of the voluminous outcome literature and the independent evaluations that have been published by many organisations, including the World Health Organisation. We then explore the Adaptive information Processing model that underpins EMDR, and look at some practical applications of this model. You will be able to use... Details
Ethically Promoting your Counselling Business - Recording
Are you a competent Counsellor / Psychotherapist, but still struggle to promote your business in a way that is both ethical AND generates an income? Do you strive to own a successful business, but get uncomfortable about charging your worth? Join me to explore how you may begin to do this.

Trainer: Bianca Stawiarski

Founder and Managing Director of Warida Wholistic Wellness, Bianca Stawiarski, is a strong, centred and purpose-driven healer,... Details
Understanding & Responding to Men’s Distress - Recording
Men are unlikely to engage with mental health care and drop out more often than women. Over half seek professional help leading up to their suicide. Counsellors require support to identify and intervene in men’s depression. This presentation will breakdown key findings and discuss what’s needed to curb men’s poor mental health outcomes and assist counsellors to feel more confident to take advantage of a ‘short window of opportunity’ to engage at-risk male clients.

Dr Zac ... Details
The Physiological Manifestation of Grief - Recording
PACFA NSW Webinar: The Physiological Manifestation of Grief

Liz Gleeson joined live from Ireland to present for PACFA on the 'Physiological Manifestation of Grief'. She gave an overview of the following areas:
• Types of losses, types of Grief, What determines how we grieve
• How grief can manifest in the body
• The polyvagal theory and how it can relate to grief
• The Window of Tolerance and how it can relate to ... Details
Child and Youth Mental Health - Recording
This webinar provides a background overview of clinically significant anxiety in children and young people (prevalence, comorbidity, impact etc) as well as major aetiological theories and treatment outcome research before focusing on practical, applied treatment strategies for practitioners working with anxious youth and their parents. Strategies discussed are illustrated with video examples.

Presenter: Professor Vanessa Cobham

Vanessa holds research and... Details
How to Make Use of Rank and Power Awareness in - Recording
How to Make Use of Rank and Power Awareness in Therapy

In this webinar the speaker presented the process-oriented model of the defining different forms of rank and power such as social, financial, educational, and also psychological and spiritual rank (Dr. Arnold Mindell 1995). We are mostly aware of where others have higher rank and shy away from owning our own rank and power. This creates double messages and conflict with others. Silvia explains how awareness of high... Details
The Therapeutic Challenge of COVID: Finding a ne - Recording
The Therapeutic Challenge of COVID: Finding a new mojo
How your choice of specific therapy models & frameworks may be helpful for your clients in times of collective trauma.

Have you been floundering with client outcomes and finding it difficult to motivate your clients currently? Do you feel overwhelmed by the task of therapy? Are your clients (and you) losing your mojo? This training covers the importance of revisiting the basics, the essential principles of... Details
Practicing as a Disability Employment Counsellor - Recording
PACFA X CDERP: Practicing as a Disability Employment Counsellor Under NDIS

This presentation by Lauren Pavlidis, Chief Operating Officer and Dr Peter Smith, Director of CDERP looks at the application, complexities of service, and the funding supporting Disability Employment Counselling. Opportunities available to practice and the organisations who look to hire. As well as a chat with one of the Centre's brightest Disability Employment Counsellors, Clare-Louise Lawson, on ... Details
A Snapshot of the Counselling and Psychotherapy - Recording
PACFA's Research Committee presents:

A snapshot of the counselling and psychotherapy workforce in Australia in 2020: Underutilised and poorly remunerated, yet highly qualified and desperately needed

The PACFA Research Committee presented the findings of the 2020 PACFA workforce survey, providing a snapshot of the counselling and psychotherapy profession in Australia.

Talking points included:

• The impact of Covid-19 and implications ... Details
Building and supporting resilience in older - Recording
Building and supporting resilience in older people

We know from research and from lived experience that resilience is developed or rekindled in tough times. Staying focused and resilient is especially of great importance as we age and face much change. What are the factors that promotes resilience in older people and why are some people ageing with a great sense of freedom and others with a sense of despair? Is it just a matter of attitude? What does the current research ... Details
Understanding Schizophrenia as an Employment Cou - Recording
Understanding Schizophrenia as an Employment Counsellor

In this webinar Lauren and Justine discuss the role of the employment counsellor and the importance of employment for individuals living with schizophrenia. The webinar delves into an understanding of schizophrenia and how it can affect individuals, followed by how to look beyond the mental health disorder to the person within, and working with the individual's care... Details
Counselling & Psychotherapy with Older People - Recording
This session will give an overview of distress experiences that adults can face late in life whether living independently or in care. Collectively these experiences will relate to grief or loss, depression, stress, anxiety, risk factors and/or trauma. Special mention will be made of COVID-19 stress. Attendees will come away more fully informed about the diverse range of clients and situations that therapists may encounter for this demographic. The presentation will also cover how to... Details
Neuroscience of a Bully - Recording
When I was asked to see a client who had been identified as a bully I began a quest to find what is best practice for treating the bully. I was also part of an applied study which measured workplace culture, this highlighted that bullying is more prevalent in poor functioning organisations. When I have presented about workplace bullying numerous people have approached me to say they had been bullied, no-one listened, so they left. I am speaking for them.

Fiona... Details
Couple Therapy Essentials 1
A series of 3 X 1.5hr sessions as an introduction to those new to working with couples and those considering working with couples. Each session will be a combination of presentation, reflection and Q&A.

Session one:
This session will include the following components:
- Moving from working individually to systemically
- Common couples presentations
- Managing therapist bias
- Roles of the Couple Therapist
- Couples assessment –... Details
Client factors for therapists - Recording
Client factors (i.e., the client and their context) contribute significantly to successful outcomes and is a potent resource for counselling. This presentation will highlight client factors that are associated with positive outcomes, help therapists identify and amplify potential client resources that are available (but not always obvious) in all client stories, and learn strategies to help clients access and utilise their own strengths and resources to support their desired... Details
Couple Therapy Essentials 2
A series of 3 X 1.5hr sessions as an introduction to those new to working with couples and those considering working with couples. Each session will be a combination of presentation, reflection and Q&A.

Session two:
This session will include the following components:
- Gottman’s longitudinal couple research.
- Four horsemen & antidotes
- Introduction to Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy
- Intervening with vicious... Details
Accredited Supervisor Application Fee
Eligible practitioners may apply for listing on the PACFA National Register as a PACFA Accredited Supervisor. PACFA Accredited Supervisors are Clinical Registrants whose practice includes the provision of professional supervision to counsellors and/or psychotherapists.

Pre-requisites to apply for listing as a PACFA Accredited Supervisor;

Before applying to become a PACFA Accredited Supervisor, a practitioner must be listed on the PACFA Register. Applicants... Details
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Psychotherapy and Counselling Today Ed.1
PLEASE NOTE: As PACFA staff are still working from home, there will be a delay on dispatching any products sold in the store. Please allow at least 3 weeks for dispatch.

Edition 1, November 2019

Psychotherapy & Counselling Today is PACFA’s new non peer-reviewed professional journal, in printed magazine format, which aims to provide PACFA members and a broader reading audience with stimulating and informative reading on psychotherapy and counselling in... Details