The Body Touch-Techniques of Functional Analysis in action


The Body Touch - Techniques of Functional Analysis in Action


7:00pm - 9:00pm AEDT, 9 March 2023

Working physically with clients is more and more becoming an important skill in the therapeutic intervention for psychotherapists and counsellors.

Will Davis will showcase the physical application of Function Analysis touch-technique. He will show recordings of sessions where he will be applying the physical work as he narrates to us what he is actual doing. He will address the reasons for choosing to work on that particular part of the body, the information coming from the body of the client, changes in breath, quality of tissue and the emotions and awareness brought about by the work.

In the highly interactive webinar participants are welcomed to ask questions, give comments or feedback after each of the presentations.


This webinar counts as 2 hours of Category A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) if you participate online, or 2 hours of Category B CPD if you are watching the recording.

You must attend no less than 75% of a live webinar in order to receive a CPD  certificate.

Presenter: Will Davis


Will Davis is an American body-psychotherapist with more that 45 years’ experience in the field. He was trained by Charles Kelley in neo-reichian Radix work and also trained in in Rogerian therapy and Gestalt. Will has developed Functional Analysis, an approach based on understanding the functioning of the life force. In the past 35 years, he has been offering trainings in America, Japan and all over Europe. He is considered one of the major researchers in the fields of the energetic functioning of the connective tissue and of the plasmatic origins of early disturbances. He developed the gentle release touch-technique of Points & Positions, combined with a unique synthesis of verbal therapy. He published in-numerous articles in book form as well as in various professional journals. He is a member the Advisory Board of the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy, the Scientific Committee of the Italian Society of Psychologists and Psychiatrists and the European Association of Body Psychotherapy.

“Will Davis, together with his wife Lilly, has developed an important understanding of the flow of energy through the connective tissues of the body. This is a significant contribution to psychotherapy in general, forming a bridge between subjective experience and objective anatomy” (David Boadella)


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9/03/2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
AUS Eastern Daylight Time
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