Long Limbs of Trauma

Birchtree Centre of Excellence

1 and 2 Day Training, 5th and 6th August 2021

Presenters:  Jace Cannon-Brooke and Dr Sophie Reid

Understanding the long limbs of trauma and its pervasive impact on brain function, impulsivity and behavioural dysfunction.

Day 1 aims to equip health professionals to utilise a trauma sensitive lens when assessing clients.
Participants will be equipped with an overview of strategies to work effectively in this arena.

Outcomes of Day 1 – participants will:
    Understand the impact of trauma on the brain and social engagement systems, and the way it interferes with professional and personal relationships.
    Be aware of the concept of neuroplasticity and its relationship to recovery from complex trauma.
    Be equipped to detect trauma in clients and understand the need for provision of safety in all interactions.
    Recognise trauma related behaviours in clients, and learn the skills to best manage these proactively.
    Understand vicarious trauma – recognise the effects of work with trauma victims on health professionals and organisations.
    Demonstrate skills to assist in stepping back, maintaining perspective, and containing the trauma

Day 2 aims to equip health professionals in the therapeutic setting to work more in depth with clients towards healing from trauma.

Outcomes of Day 2 – participants will:
    Understand the importance of providing psychoeducation on trauma to clients. Participants will be provided with examples of the same to use in their practice.
    Be equipped with an understanding of structural dissociation – and the need in therapy to identify and work with the different parts of the client’s personality.
    Recognise shame and its impact on the client – with a focus on creating a “shamefree” frame for therapy.
    Be aware of the need to develop, nurture and maintain an attuned therapeutic relationship – recognising and managing disjunctions and re-enactments when they occur within therapy.
    Comprehend the focus in trauma treatment on process over content.
    Be aware of Signs of Recovery – as well as the impediments that can get in the way.

Day 1: 5th August 2021               Day 2: 6th August 2021

Cost for One-Day workshop: $200 (plus GST)

Cost for Two Day workshop: $350 (plus GST)
It is our goal to deliver the training face to face, however we are guided by government restrictions due to COVID 19. Alternatively the workshop will be delivered online via zoom.

Students and registrars are eligible for discounts. Please contact us [email protected]

CPD Hours: 

This event counts as 7 hours (one day) or 14 hours (two days) of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements

For full details regarding the event please go to the website.

5/08/2021 9:00 AM - 6/08/2021 4:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
58 Parramatta Road, Forest Lodge, NSW 2037 AUSTRALIA

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