Emotion Focused Therapy - Level One Couple Therapy

The Western Australian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy - Level One Couple Therapy

Trainers: Prof Rhonda Goldman and Dr Jason Sharbanee

This evidence-based method of couples developed by Leslie Greenberg and Susan Johnson consists of methods for enhancing the emotional bond between partners. The training will include recent advances to theory and practice made by Leslie Greenberg and Rhonda Goldman, including how to work with issues of power and dominance.

This program will focus on in-depth skills training through a combination of brief lectures, video demonstrations, role-playing practice and supervision. Intimate relationships are understood on the dimension of attachment/ security, involving closeness and distance, as well as on the dimension of identity/autonomy, involving dominance and submission.

This workshop will present ways of dealing with affect regulation in relation to both attachment and dominance issues in relationships. We will discuss and view tapes of working with the emotions related to, power and identity as well as intimacy and attachment, to transform vicious cycles into virtuous ones.

The emotions of anxiety and sadness, related to threats to attachment security have to be addressed in addition to the emotions of fear, shame and anger related to threats to identity, status or power. In addition the role of a third set of pleasant emotions related to intimacy such as warmth, love and caring as well as joy and excitement also are addressed.

We will focus on promoting both other soothing and self soothing by helping partners regulate each other’s and their own affects and where applicable by promoting forgiveness in resolving emotional injuries.

The training will be conducted in a blended format to be able to get the benefit of an international presenter: Prof Rhonda Goldman. We will conduct the trainings as a together as a group, with Prof Rhonda Goldman delivering 3 sections of the training to the group live online from Chicago. Other parts of the training will be in person, conducted by Dr Jason Sharbanee.


  •  Theory of Emotion in marriage and couples
  • Working with emotions related to love and power
  • The steps of EFT
  • The 5 Stage Framework
  • Working with Attachment related cycles
  • Working with Identity/Dominance related cycles
  • Resolving Emotional Injuries. Letting go & forgiving
  • Self-soothing

ACCREDITATION The training will count towards certification as an EFT therapist with the International Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy.

Deposit: $250
Standard: $1300

CPD Hours: This event counts as 6 hours of category A CPD for PACFA’s membership renewal requirements.

For full details regarding the event and registration please go to the website.

28/09/2021 9:00 AM - 1/10/2021 4:00 PM
W. Australia Standard Time
Murdoch University 90 South Street Murdoch, WA AUSTRALIA

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