A Journey into the Hearing Voices Approach - Recording

A Journey into the Hearing Voices Approach - Recording
The Hearing Voices Approach is the peer-led recovery model for people who hear voices, see and sense things around them that others do not. This presentation aims to provide an insight into the approach that assists people to the alleviate distress associated with voices and work towards a meaningful life. Many people hear voices and find them helpful, sacred, or just a normal part of life. Some people find voices confusing or frightening and seek help to cope. These people are commonly diagnosed with schizophrenia or another mental illness often with associated trauma.

This presentation is suitable for voice-hearers, supporters of voice hearers and mental health professionals to help understand new ways of working with voices.

Presenter: David Facer

David is currently a director of Open Door Support Services and a provider of NDIS funded Mental health services. David has been involved in the community development of youth, disability, suicide and mental health initiatives in Australia since 2007.

In 2014 David launched Hearing Voices Qld to support the development of peer-led support groups across the state. Locally in Bundaberg, David has been involved in the development of projects including Rotary Mental Health activities, David is the Chair of the Headspace consortia that provides mental health services to the youth of Bundaberg. David also collaborates with Standby and Marcus Mission to provides suicide prevention and postvention support including training and community workshops.

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