EMDR: A Taster

EMDR: A Taster
PACFA SA Presents: EMDR: A Taster 5/6/21

This two-hour webinar will explore the beginnings of EMDR, and what it is (and isn’t). We will briefly review some of the voluminous outcome literature and the independent evaluations that have been published by many organisations, including the World Health Organisation. We then explore the Adaptive information Processing model that underpins EMDR, and look at some practical applications of this model. You will be able to use these strategies immediately with your clients. We will explore the working mechanisms that underlie EMDR’s effectiveness, and you will have a personal experience of this. (We will be working “blind to therapist”, so no details will be asked of you.) The webinar will be interactive, with experiential components.

Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor, Clinical Psychologist. Graham was trained by Francine Shapiro in 1989, and assisted her at the first Australian trainings that started in 1992. He was in the first group of trainers accredited by the EMDR International Association 1996, and has been teaching EMDR ever since. He retired from clinical practice five years ago to focus on training and supervision, but has recently recommenced part-time work at a specialist trauma clinic.

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