Managing Resistant Clients - Recording

Managing Resistant Clients - Recording
This webinar presented psycho-education, techniques and tools for therapists to work through, understand and therapeutically challenge resistance in clients.
Resistance during the therapeutic process is natural and common and can be presented in different ways. Understanding where the clients' resistance is coming from and being equipped with tools to work through it can be essential for a healthy therapeutic relationship. Although this is not just about the client, being confident and ready can help to lower the therapists stress levels, improving self-care.

This webinar is from an evidence based / solution focused style. The webinar covers resistant language from clients, their behaviour such as repeating actions that were already discussed in past sessions and how to manage therapeutic conflict.

This introductory webinar covered topics including:
• Why do we resist?
• Is the therapist doing anything to add to the resistance?
• How to empower your client to move past their resistance.
• Researched and practiced techniques and tools for dealing with resistance.
• The fundamental problems of over-questioning - closed and open.
• How to manage "I don't know" and "Yes, but..." responses.
• Using language to manage and work through conflict and resistance.

Presenter: Ken Loftus
Ken completed his degree in Psychology and Psychoanalysis in Dublin, Ireland, in 2004. He worked as a Social Care Team leader in adolescent residential care with young people with high behavioural and emotional needs. During this time Ken obtained his Diploma in integrative Counselling and then worked as a Therapist in a crisis centre in Dublin for teens and adults. Shortly after Ken studied in Queens University Belfast on his Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Ken moved to Brisbane in 2017 and set up the Sunlight Centre, which provides free crisis counselling to teens and adults in suicidal distress and self-harm behaviour. Ken also supervises therapists that work in the Sunlight Centre and in Brisbane, while seeing high risk clients and delivering Healthy Mind Workshops to community and corporate bodies.

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