World Mental Health Day 10 October

World Mental Health Day, an initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, occurs annually on 10 October. World Mental Health Day aims to promote global mental health education, awareness and advocacy and to raise public awareness of mental health issues. In Australia, World Mental Health Day is coordinated by Mental Health Australia, which hosts the informative website 1010.org.au

The global focus for World Mental Health Day 2019 is suicide prevention, and Mental Health Australia has a range of videos, visual and written resources available for promotion this year under the theme “Do You See What I See?”.

“Do You See What I See?” challenges stigma and perceptions about mental illness in Australia and encourages everyone to look at mental health in a more positive light. Colour and Life, Resilience, Determination, Strength, Perseverance, Bravery, Recovery, Hopefulness, Courage, and Contribution are some of the positive themes highlighted.

You can order free campaign materials, sign up to host or attend an event, Make a Personal Promise and watch and share informative videos for World Mental Health Day 2019 on 1010.org.au.

You can also follow and share materials for World Mental Health Day via MHA on Facebook.