PACFA Webinar Recordings

PACFA offers recordings of professional development events delivered via webinar, these webinars are available for purchase through the PACFA Portal. Each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you. PACFA webinar recordings can be counted as category B CPD unless stated otherwise. All PACFA webinar’s have an expiry of 1 year after the recorded date, it is up to the purchaser to ensure they watch the recording before it expires. If you would like access to the resources attached to any of the below recordings contact not all presenter’s have given access to resources but where available they will be supplied.


1 PACFA SA: How to work with anxiety in the therapeutic space
Presented by Fiona Griffith
Date Recorded:
27 June 2020
2 ACRC: Working with Relationships in the context of the Death of a Child/ Young Person
Presented by Vera Russell
Date Recorded:
19 May 2020
3 PACFA VIC: Introduction to a clinical intervention with traumatised parent-child dyads – Tuning Relationships with Music
Presented by Vivienne Colgrove
Date Recorded:
6 April 2020
4 PACFA: What you need to know about delivering therapy online
Presented by Fiona Griffith
Date Recorded:
2 April 2020
5 ACRC: Methamphetamine and Relationships
Presented by Dr Suzie Hudson
Date Recorded: 19 November 2019
6 PACFA Research Forum: What counts as legitimate knowledge in psychotherapy and counselling: Considering evidence-informed practice.
Presented by Dr Elizabeth Day, Dr Alexandra Bloch-Atefi and Dr. Rhys Price Robertson
Date Recorded:
6 November 2019
7 College of Counselling: Working With Issues of Dependency 
Presented by Don Secomb and Francesca Palazzolo
Date Recorded: 29 June 2019
8 ACRC: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual – but in a straight marriage
Presented by Anthony Venn-Brown
Date Recorded: 1 October 2019
College of Counselling: Power and Control – What all Counsellors Need to Know About Domestic & Family Violence 2019/2020:

9 College of Counselling DV Series: Elder abuse: When getting old gets dangerous, working with DV/FV in our ageing population
Presented by Dr Rosalie Hudson
Date Recorded:
20 June 2020
10 College of Counselling DV Series: Children’s experiences of family violence: The most in need, the last to receive
Presented by Emma Hodges and Jane Parkinson
Date Recorded: 20 May 2020
11 College of Counselling DV Series: What’s Important to know about working with DV/FV in the LGBTIQ community
Presented by Anthony Lekkas with a discussion panel of: Don Secomb, Trish Thompson and Kieran O’Loughlan
Date Recorded: 14 March 2020
12 College of Counselling DV Series: What’s love got to do with it? What all counsellors need to know about heterosexual Domestic Violence
Presented by Cathy Bettman
Date Recorded:
28 September 2019
ACCAPE Webinar series: Recognition of Indigenous Healing Practices in Australia and Aotearoa 2019:

13 ACCAPE Webinar Series #1
Introducing Indigenous representation into PACFA – A conversation
Date Recorded: 24 July 2019
14 ACCAPE Webinar Series #2
Understanding the AQF, Indigenous Critical Pedagogy and Healing Practices
Date Recorded: 7 August 2019
15 ACCAPE Webinar Series #3
Trauma Integrated Indigenous Healing Approaches
Date Recorded: 4 September 2019
16 ACCAPE Webinar Series #4
Indigenous Psychotherapy in Aotearoa: Waka Oranga National Collective of Māori Psychotherapy Practitioners.
Date Recorded: 25 September 2019
17 ACCAPE Webinar Series #5
Truth Telling in Indigenous Community. A conversation about the Ancient University
Date Recorded: 16 October 2019
18 ACCAPE Webinar Series #6
Cultural difference and cultural competency: Two perspectives
Date Recorded: 30 October 2019
Working with Trauma Online Symposium Recordings 2019:

19 Symposium: Trauma Informed practice to support people with lived experience of trauma
Presented by Dr Judith de Lang
Date Recorded: 21 September 2019
20 Symposium: Keeping the body in mind
Presented by Narelle McKenzie
Date Recorded: 21 September 2019
21 Symposium: A Gestalt Therapy approach to working with trauma
Presented by Madeleine Fogarty & Dr Jelena Zeleskov Djoric
Date Recorded: 21 September 2019
22 Symposium: Trans adolescents trauma: Bullies, Blades and Barricades
Presented by Elizabeth A Riley
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
23 Symposium: Working with complex developmental trauma: Insights and clinical applications from attachment theory, emotion regulation and interpersonal neurobiology
Presented by Dr Ruth Lawson-McConnell
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
24 Symposium: Post-trauma reconstruction with refugee families – is there a role for institutions?
Presented by Dr Radika Santhanam-Martin
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
25 Symposium: Climate change trauma – Impacts and therapeutic response
Presented by Merle Conyer
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
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