Webinar Recordings

PACFA offers recordings of professional development events delivered via webinar. These webinars are available for purchase through the PACFA Portal. Each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you. PACFA webinar recordings can be counted as category B CPD unless stated otherwise.


ACRC: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual – but in a straight marriage
Presented by Anthony Venn-Brown
Date Recorded:
1 October 2019
College of Counselling: What’s love got to do with it? What all counsellors need to know about heterosexual Domestic Violence
Presented by Cathy Bettman
Date Recorded: 28 September 2019
College of Counselling: Working With Issues of Dependency 
Presented by Don Secomb and Francesca Palazzolo
Date Recorded: 29 June 2019

ACCAPE Webinar Series #1
Introducing Indigenous representation into PACFA – A conversation
Date Recorded: 24 July 2019

ACCAPE Webinar Series #2
Understanding the AQF, Indigenous critical pedagogy and healing practices
Date Recorded: 7 August 2019

ACCAPE Webinar Series #3
Trauma Integrated Indigenous Healing Approaches
Date Recorded: 4 September 2019

ACCAPE Webinar Series #4
Indigenous Psychotherapy in Aotearoa: Waka Oranga National Collective of Māori Psychotherapy Practitioners.
Date Recorded: 25 September 2019

ACCAPE Webinar Series #5
Truth Telling in Indigenous Community. A conversation about the Ancient University.
Date Recorded: 16 October 2019

ACCAPE Webinar Series #6
Cultural difference and cultural competency: Two perspectives
Date Recorded: 30 October 2019

PACFA Code of Ethics Webinar (Recording)
Presented by PACFA Ethics Committee members: Simone Falvey-Behr and Maxine Rosenfield
Date Recorded: 22 May 2019
Working therapeutically with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the area of healing and recovery from trauma
Presented by Dr Graham Gee
Date Recorded: 24 February 2019
The Context of Trauma
Presented by Miriam Taylor
Date Recorded: 23 February 2019
Supervision: Making the hours count
Presented by Jo Ablett, Cheryl Taylor and Chaired by Dr Cathy Bettman
Date Recorded: 30 March 2019
Conversion Therapy and LGBTI People of Faith
Presented by Anthony Venn-Brown
Date Recorded: 13 February 2019
PACFA National Research Forum – Confidentiality and informed consent
Presented by Associate Professor Andrea Lamont-Mills, Steven Christensen and Crystal Lockard of the PACFA Ethics Committee
Date Recorded:
26 December 2018
Trauma Informed practice to support people with lived experience of trauma
Presented by Dr Judith de Lang
Date Recorded: 21 September 2019
Keeping the body in mind
Presented by Narelle McKenzie
Date Recorded: 21 September 2019
A Gestalt Therapy approach to working with trauma
Presented by Madeleine Fogarty & Dr Jelena Zeleskov Djoric
Date Recorded: 21 September 2019
Trans adolescents trauma: Bullies, Blades and Barricades
Presented by Elizabeth A Riley
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
Working with complex developmental trauma: Insights and clinical applications from attachment theory, emotion regulation and interpersonal neurobiology
Presented by Dr Ruth Lawson-McConnell
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
Post-trauma reconstruction with refugee families – is there a role for institutions?
Presented by Dr Radika Santhanam-Martin
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
Climate change trauma – Impacts and therapeutic response
Presented by Merle Conyer
Date Recorded: 22 September 2019
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