Vision for PACFA’s College of Educators

The Australian College of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators (ACCAPE) has established new Terms of Reference which set out the vision, mission and objectives for the College.

ACCAPE is a College of PACFA which was established in July 2015 to support members who are working in counselling and psychotherapy education and to advance their professional interests.

ACCAPE’s vision is to promote the development and recognition of counselling and psychotherapy education, advocate for educators and academics, and represent their necessary input to maintain the experiential and relational focus as a professional requirement essential to the education and training of counsellors and psychotherapists.

ACCAPE aims to represent and build dialogue between counselling and psychotherapy educators in diverse educational settings and contract arrangements, from sessional educators up to leaders and academics in counselling and psychotherapy education. Importantly, ACCAPE respects the diversity of instructional approaches and strategies and promotes equality and diversity for students and staff in training and education settings.

ACCAPE plans to advocate for the professional interests and work conditions of educators and to maintain the relational and experiential focus of counselling and psychotherapy trainings in an era of standardization.

The ACCAPE Leadership Group will engage with members and other educators and academics around the activities of ACCAPE. They will also provide professional development opportunities, both in person and via webinar, and opportunities for networking and peer support.

Academic and Educators who are interested in joining ACCAPE can join under two pathways – one for those with training that meets the PACFA Training Standards, another for leaders in counselling and psychotherapy who have had a different training formation. For information on how to join ACCAPE, see the PACFA website.

The ACCAPE Terms of Reference, which have been approved by the PACFA Board, include ACCAPE representation on two PACFA Committees – the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) and the Education Program Accreditation Committee (EPAC). Through these Committees, ACCAPE will be a critical voice in relation to quality, design and content of counselling and psychotherapy education programs by contributing to the PACFA’s Training Standards and course accreditation process.

PACFA is pleased to announce that Dr Kate Briggs has joined the PSC and Dr Judith Ayre has joined EPAC. Both are members of the ACCAPE Leadership Group. They will bring their significant expertise in counselling and psychotherapy education to these PACFA Committees.