Updating Your Logs in the new iMIS Membership system

Thank you to all of our members who have renewed using the new iMIS membership system.  

Now that the renewal period has ended many PACFA members have started entering information for the 2020/2021 financial year and have discovered that the system for entering your Supervision, Client Hours and Continuing Professional Development works differently in iMIS.  We have listed some of the key points of difference below.  

Entering your Information into iMIS

  • Members will notice that any information that entered after 30 June 2020 is not showing up in the progressive totals for each log. Your information is recorded but the progressive total won’t reset until 1 January 2021.  We had hoped to reset the progressive totals on 1 October when all renewals have been finalised but unfortunately this was not possible.
  • You must enter dates that fit within the financial year dates of 1 July – 30 June. If you enter dates that start in one financial year and end in another these items will not be added to your progressive total.
  • iMIS is a US based program and defaults to using US date format. If you have your internet browser language settings set up to use English (US) rather than English (Australian) or English (UK) you will notice that all of the dates that you enter will appear in the American date format. Let us know if you need help to change your browser settings.

Continuing Professional Development 

  • There is no need to enter any PACFA CPD that you complete.  If you have  attended the CPD and/or successfully completed the coursework for PACFA training, your CPD points will  be added to the PACFA CPD Log. You only need to enter non-PACFA Professional Development to your CPD log.

Client Hours & Supervision

  • You must enter Client Hours for your Supervision log to calculate correctly.  The system has been designed to look for 10 hours of Supervision, if you have added less than 400 client hours, and 15 hours of Supervision if you have added more than 400 client hours.
  • You can add details of you Client Hours and Supervision to iMIS at anytime, however it is much easier make a single entry for your Client Hours and for each Supervisor/Supervision Group at the end of the financial year.

As always, the membership team will be available to assist members to access and use iMIS. Please contact the PACFA membership team if you have any questions.