Update on PsychOz

In the October eNews, PACFA announced that it was considering buying the highly respected and successful business, PsychOz Publications, which includes the Psychotherapy in Australia journal and the Human Condition Bookstore.  We saw this as a great opportunity to potentially generate new sources of income to support PACFA’s mission as peak body for the counselling and psychotherapy profession.

After much discussion and exploration, it has been decided that PACFA is not going ahead with the purchase of the PsychOz business. Both the PACFA Board and members of the PACFA Council participated in these discussions and the contribution of all those who assisted is greatly appreciated.

There were many factors to take into account in reaching this decision, such as the financial risks to PACFA, the short timeline, and the amount and complexity of the work involved in running the PsychOz business. While this has been a disappointing outcome for all of us at PACFA who were so excited about this opportunity, in the end, we believe it is the right decision for PACFA.

PACFA will continue to explore other ways to generate new sources of revenue for the organisation as this is essential to ensure PACFA can fulfil its mission and strategic plan.

PACFA would like to thank the owners of PsychOz for considering selling the PsychOz business to PACFA and for taking the time to explore this possibility with us.