Update on proposed PACFA restructure

The Working Party established by the PACFA Council to work on  the proposed PACFA restructure has released a Discussion Paper and is inviting feedback. If implemented, the restructure will strengthen PACFA and its Member Associations.  Representatives of thirteen Member Associations are participating in the Working Party.

The Working Party met in person on 15 August 2014 with representatives of twelve MAs (including two PACFA Board representatives) and the PACFA CEO present.

The meeting was productive and positive with participants making valuable contributions. Many different perspectives were shred and the outcomes and recommendations reflect the needs of PACFA and its diverse Members Associations.

The Working Party considered the risks versus the opportunities of changing PACFA’s structure or keeping the current structure. There was a clear consensus that it is necessary to change PACFA’s structure in order to ensure that those Member Association that are struggling will survive, and to ensure that PACFA can be a stronger national peak body for psychotherapy and counselling.

As requested by Council, the Working Party is working on the details of the proposed PACFA restructure. While there are still many details for the Working Party to work through, the work of the Working Party so far is summarised in a new Discussion Paper prepared by the Working Party. The Discussion Paper includes suggestions for the PACFA restructure and questions for the Council to consider at the forthcoming PACFA Annual General Meeting taking place on 11 to 12 October.

The Discussion Paper is now available for download.

The Working Party encourages individual practitioners to provide feedback on the Discussion Paper, either directly to the Working Party (email the PACFA CEO at maria.brett@pacfa.org.au) or, if you belong to a PACFA Member Association, you can provide feedback to your Member Association.

Members of the Working Party are:


  • Di Stow (Chair, PACFA Board, PCA TAS)
  • Margie Abbott (AANZPA)
  • Barry Borham (CAPA NSW)
  • Maria Brett (PACFA CEO)
  • Christine Butera (ASCP)
  • Simone Falvey-Behr (CAPAV)
  • Tara Green (ATERC)
  • Neil Harris (CCAA)
  • Andrew Little (PACFA Board, SCAPE)
  • Jyan  Mayfield (AARC)
  • Joanne Marsh (ASPA)
  • Kath McCarthy (GANZ)
  • Paul Scully (QCA)
  • Peter Zanol (CASA )