Update on PACFA Restructure

The PACFA Restructure Working Party has produced an update document on the work being undertaken to develop a new structure for PACFA. The Update provides a clear and simple overview in Powerpoint format of the progress with the restructure and the recommendations developed by the Working Party in consultation with the PACFA Board.

Download the PACFA Restructure Update document.

Overview of Restructure proposals for discussion

The recommendations for the new structure are based on the consultations that have taken place so far and will be discussed at the PACFA Council meeting in April.  Ongoing consultation is planned.

The key features of the new structure that has been developed in draft format are:

  • Individual membership of PACFA with a range of proposed benefits for individual PACFA members including automatic PACFA registration, insurance and journal subscriptions and the opportunity to participate in new Interest groups
  • Proposals for PACFA Branches to be established in each State/Territory to which all individual members will belong, and for new PACFA Colleges to be established with their own standards for admission for eligible members
  • A new Member Congress proposed as the peak governing body for PACFA with individual members of PACFA and Member Association members who meet PACFA’s Training Standards all to have a vote
  • The PACFA Council proposed to continue as the peak strategy and policy-making body for PACFA with delegates from PACFA Member Associations and from the new PACFA Colleges and Branches to have representation
  • A proposed new PACFA Board to be made up of: President, Past-President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Research Chair, Professional Practice Chair, representatives of both Psychotherapists, Counsellors and PACFA Member Associations, two expert members and the CEO (ex-officio)
  • A proposal to have a single Code of Ethics for PACFA and its Colleges and Branches

Other details of the new structure are still being worked on by the Working Party. Separate sub-groups have been established to work on financial modelling for the new structure and to contribute to the development on the Code of Ethics review which has already been commenced by the PACFA Ethics Committee.

Role of the PACFA Council and timeline for the restructure

It is the PACFA’s Council’s role to decide what the new PACFA structure will be and to approve any constitutional changes that will be required. Council is planning to discuss the draft proposals at the Council meeting in April and will not vote on any formal proposals until the AGM in October.

The Restructure Working Party is made up of representatives of PACFA and 14 Member Associations. The Working Party meets regularly to prepare details of the new PACFA structure. They are committed to transparency and regular communications with MAs on progress with the restructure. PACFA Member Associations have already participated in consultation meetings and will have the opportunity to consult further with PACFA.

Individuals who want to find out more about the PACFA restructure are also invited to participate in a webinar scheduled to take place on Monday 27 April at 7pm.