Update on NDIS recognition

PACFA  has received confirmation that Provisional and Clinical Registrants are eligible to be NDIS providers is all States and Territories, subject to completion of government–accredited training.

This news has arrived at the CEO’s desk after a lengthy engagement process with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to get PACFA membership added to the Suitability Requirements for the NDIS.

While PACFA Registrants were in fact always eligible to be NDIS providers, decisions around approval of PACFA Registrants had been inconsistent in some states because PACFA was not specifically named in the Suitability Requirements.

Meanwhile the transition process has been taking place to move responsibility for provider registration away from the NDIA and the states and territories, to the new NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission). All states and territories, except WA, are now overseen by the NDIS Commission which means a whole new set of rules now applies.

PACFA has received reports that the process to apply to be a provider under the NDIS Commission is time consuming and potentially very expensive.  The process appears to be aimed principally at organisations rather private practitioners. All applicants are required to go through a Quality Audit by one of the Approved Auditors.  PACFA understands that there are significant costs associated with the audit. Some PACFA members who are already providers have reported that the audit is expected to cost in excess of $1,500.

PACFA Registrants are therefore advised to inform themselves of the requirements and costs to become an NDIS provider. Providers should be prepared to market their services to potential NDIS clients to ensure that the effort and expense of registration with the NDIS Commission is worth your while.

Transition to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission commenced operating on 1 July 2018. It is responsible for ensuring there is a nationally consistent approach to quality and safeguards in the NDIS.

The start dates for the NDIS Commission nationally are:

  • New South Wales and South Australia – 1 July 2018
  • ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Queensland – 1 July 2019
  • Western Australia – 1 July 2020

Until the NDIS Commission begins operating in WA, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) remains responsible for registration of providers in WA and the WA Quality and Safeguards requirements continue to apply for WA providers.

Who is eligible?

To register either via the NDIA in WA or via the NDIS Commission for other states and territories, it is a requirement of the NDIS that you to have training that is government accredited (AQF level 7 to 9).

If you have government accredited training, you are automatically accredited by PACFA to be an NDIS Provider and your Register listing will be updated by the PACFA Office with the words “Accredited PACFA Registrant”. This enables the NDIS to identify that you meet their training requirements.

If you do not have government accredited training, you may be accredited by PACFA under grandfathering arrangements that are allowed by the NDIA. This option is available to senior and experienced practitioners who completed training more than 15 years ago and who have at least 10 years of practice experience.  If you are in this category and you wish to be accredited by PACFA to be an NDIS Provider, please email the PACFA Office

How to apply to be an NDIS Provider

Western Australia

Where a participant’s funding is managed by the NDIA in WA, the service provider must be registered with the NDIA in order to be able to provide supports to NDIS participants.

To apply to register as a provider in WA, go to the provider page on the NDIS website.  

PACFA has developed a Resource Kit for prospective NDIS Providers in WA. This provides detailed instructions on how to apply. PACFA Registrants may obtain copy of the WA Resource Kit by emailing the PACFA Office.

All other states and territories

The NDIS Commission is responsible for the registration of NDIS providers in ACT, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland.

Practitioners in these States and Territories should apply to be an NDIS provider via the NDIS Commission. The provider registration requirements can be found at the NDIS Commission website.

Applicants are required to undergo a quality audit. See the list of approved auditors here.

PACFA Registrants who had already registered as NDIS Providers prior to the commencement of the NDIS Commission are still registered. However the NDIS Commission will contact you with advice that you are required to reapply by March 2020 and undergo the quality audit.

PACFA is still in the process of developing a Resource Kit on how to apply to be an NDIS provider via the NDIS Commission.

To get started, the following affordable webinars are available: