Update for PACFA members on the National Mental Health Commission’s Vision 2030 Blueprint

While most of our energies are focussed on responding to COVID-19, several important Mental Health reform processes are ongoing at the national level. Each month, PACFA will continue to keep our members informed on progress towards reform of the mental health system in Australia.

Earlier this year, the National Mental Health Commission (NMHC) released a draft report on a major project, Vision 2030: Blueprint for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. The report is the result of a national consultation process which began in July 2019, with a final report on the project due in August this year. The report is not a final document, instead it is intended to inform the ongoing consultation process in the coming months.

During 2020, the ongoing Vision 2030 project will develop an implementation Roadmap which addresses the specific policies, programs, investments and requirements to enable sustainable change in the mental health system. Vision 2030 seeks to incorporate as wide a range of experience as possible when developing evidence-based responses to mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. 

Content for the final Roadmap will be developed and refined based on consultation and the NMHC will be working to integrate the findings of other mental health reform activities including the Productivity Commission Inquiry into mental health care (see PACFA’s submission here) and the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review.

The NMHC has established an Advisory Committee for the development of the Vision 2030 roadmap and Mental Health Australia will be represented on this Advisory Committee.

The NMHC will continue to consult with and provide project updates to stakeholders and will undertake a structured written consultation process on the Roadmap Key Concepts in May 2020. PACFA will keep all our members informed on the progress of the Vision 2030 project and opportunities to participate in any upcoming formal consultation processes.