Special offer on professional development with PDP

PACFA has negotiated a special offer from PDP (Professional Development People) that will give PACFA Members and Registrants access to free and discounted professional development.

The special offer has been secured to support PACFA Members and Registrants to access affordable professional development during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PDP offer high quality professional development in counselling and psychotherapy. PACFA Members and Registrants can access to two free live PDP webcasts and a 20% discount on all other PDP events for the next 12 months.

The two free webcasts have now been scheduled:

  • Grieving Loss Mindfully & With Self Compassion When the World as We Know It Has Changed
    7 December 2020, 6.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Skills and strategies for working with ‘Difficult’ Clients
    9 March 2021, 6pm to 9pm

PACFA has written to eligible members with the discount code to register for these free events.

PACFA Members and Registrants will also receive a 20% on all other PDP events. For details of the full PDP program of webcasts, face to face training (returning in 2021) and pre-recorded digital seminars, see www.pdpseminars.com.au/.

When registering at the PDP website, please use the discount code that has been forwarded via email to Members and Registrants to secure the 20% discount.

Members and Registrants are encouraged to take up this special offer from PDP. It is a great opportunity to access some free and discounted professional development to support your professional practice.