Results from PACFA Member Survey

Thank you to all members who participated in our 2019 Member Survey. 394 members participated in the Member Survey which is approximately 14.17% of our membership.

The survey produced some very useful results and the feedback will inform our responses to member needs, and help us to plan PACFA’s member benefits.

We were interested to receive feedback that members are not always aware of all of the benefits available with PACFA membership. PACFA will need to publicise these benefits more proactively:

  • 69.54% of respondents didn’t know that that PACFA provides a free Ethics Helpline
  • 40.10% of respondents didn’t know that that PACFA has a free online research journal, Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA)
  • 27.16% of respondents didn’t know that PACFA is advocating for professional recognition of counsellors and psychotherapists

The membership benefits that are most valued by members are:

  • 67.26% of respondents said they completely value PACFA registration
  • 73.86% of respondents said they completely value Advocacy for professional recognition
  • 56.35% of respondents said they completely value Member rates on PACFA PD
  • 73.86% of respondent said they completely value PACFA’s Professional Standards

We asked members whether they value the planned new printed professional journal, Psychotherapy & Counselling Today, and 51.52% of respondents said they completely value this type of member benefit.

There is also support for the proposed benefit of search engine optimization for the search results from PACFA’s Find a Therapist search engine at the PACFA website.  53.81% of respondents said they would be interested in this option, although some did not think this should incur an additional fee.

Feedback was slightly less favourable for another proposed benefit of member discounts on  products and services (E.g. movie tickets, holiday accommodation, retail discounts). 45.94% of respondents expressed interest in this benefit but 54.06% said they would not be interested.

52.03 % of respondents had attended a PACFA Professional Development event in the last 12 months but this means 47.97% had not. This suggests we still have more work to do reaching out to members and encouraging them to attend PACFA PD events.

There was a fairly even spread of interest in different types of PD, from presentations to experiential workshops, as well as webinars and conferences. This confirms we should continue to offer all of these types of PD. We received useful feedback on the preferred format for PD. The most popular event was a 1 hour webinar on a weekday evening, followed by a 90 minute webinar on a weekday evening, and a full day event on a Saturday.   73.73% of respondents said they were interested in topics applicable across multiple therapeutic modalities, as well as topics on a single modality.

Some of the suggestions for member benefit were:

  • Greater recognition by stakeholders and the wider community
  • Medicare rebates
  • Occasional free professional development
  • More PD events
  • Discounted rates for non-PACFA professional development
  • Cheaper professional development, at least for student/unwaged members
  • Regional networking opportunities
  • Supervision groups
  • A better website
  • Social media presence
  • Make our profile more shareable on social media and allow photos and videos on profile
  • SEO should be included as part of our membership with PACFA
  • Free resources/templates to use with all age range clients
  • How to i.e. Accessing NDIS, setting up private practice, business and counselling networks
  • GST Exemption
  • Private Health Funds recognition
  • Please sort out the Medibank Private rebates
  • Protect my interests by protecting the usage of our professional titles
  • I believe there should be a national standard about who can use the term psychotherapist
  • A forum that is more open to new ideas
  • Reduce fees if you have money to spare