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Edition 1 November 2019

Languaging from a space of unknowing – Dr Stephen Andrew

Feature Articles
Climate Justice and Mental Health – Think Globally, Panic Internally, Act Locally – Merle Conyer
Therapy drop outs and strategies to reduce them – Nathan Beel

Is the concept of the “Dark Night of the Soul” relevant to contemporary life? -Dr Kaye Gersch
Gender in Practice – Dr Elizabeth Riley
Paddling in the same direction – Dr Cathy Bettman

Reflections on Practice
It’s a matter of life and death – Helena Phillips
Becoming Whole – Will Bonney
Trauma in everyday life in the heteronormative world – Trish Thompson

How ethical awareness improves our practice – Simone Falvey-Behr
Responding to Subpeonas in Cases of Sexual Assault – Dr Elisabeth Shaw

Over the rainbow? Why we need to keep PACFA’s LGBTIQ+ Position Statement as a living document, supported by research – Dr Elizabeth Day

Counselling – recognising our profession in its own right – Fiona Griffith

Marking our territory: What we call what we do – Dr Stephen Andrew

Counselling Children: A practical introduction – Dr Andrea Breen
The Clinical Paradigms of Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott: Comparisons and Dialogues – Tony Clarkson

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