Requesting PACFA to promote your research

For researchers and students wanting PACFA to promote your research, please consider the following guidelines as you make your request.

For PACFA to consider promoting research, it must be:

  • on a topic specifically relevant to counselling and psychotherapy
  • undertaken in a recognised institute of higher education
  • in the case of students, in an accredited training or education program, working under supervision
  • approved by a recognised Ethics Committee
  • concordant with PACFA’s Code of Ethics and other relevant policies
  • the timeframe for recruitment must be sufficiently long for consideration of the request by the Research Committee and then dissemination. E-news is only produced monthly and the Research Committee are volunteers who can attend to requests as their commitments allow.

Requests for promotion of research should include:

  • Name and contact information of researcher and supervisor (where appropriate)
  • Name of institution and course
  • Outline of research, including survey instruments
  • Copy of ethics approval document
  • Timeframe: start and end of recruitment period
  • Clear information about criteria for participants being sought
  • A short paragraph (maximum total of 150 words) about the research and participants sought, suitable for publishing in PACFA e-news. This must include in this order: Heading (Call to action: who is it you are looking for and why), title of research, name of institution, name of course (if relevant), ethics approval number, purpose of research, anything more you want to say about who you want to help you and why, what it is you want them to do, what is the final date for this recruitment, name of researcher and contacts (phone or email, whatever you prefer).

The response process is as follows:

  • Requests should be sent to Research Committee Chair, C/O PACFA: 
  • The Chair will check that the request addresses all listed requirements.
  • Then two members of the Research Committee will be requested to review the documents and assess whether they meet the requirements.
  • If the reviewers agree that the requirements have been met, the Research Committee Chair will advise the researchers and forward the information to PACFA staff for promotion through the website and e-news.
  • The request will be removed from PACFA’s website at the stated end date for recruitment.
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